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Annual Conference 2018 in Prague
praha 2018

The Annual Conference 2018 will take place in Prague on 9-12 September. The meeting is organized and hosted by The Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs (OGRPA), Czech Republic.

The theme for this conference focuses on Transactions and Transitions of State-owned Real Estate and the intention is to look at this topic from many different perspectives. Starting at the decision-making point of which asset is appropriate to sell and which is not. We would like to learn from those who have implemented any innovative sales methods, participated in any interesting projects, and then we can look at the conditions of when to transfer assets to other institutions or municipalities.

For more details please log-in or share your ideas and suggestions via this email.

Looking forward to seeing you in Prague during the late-summer days!



Efficient office space solutions – New constructions

The focus of this years Office Space - Working Table will be on new constructions for ministries and other government institutions. In this context we will consider the development of new building projects from the decision making process to the completion and management of the building and have a look at economical, architectural and sustainability aspects of new state buildings.

EOSS 2018

In order to prepare the agenda for the Working Table please tell us about your suggestions and possible contributions in form of presentations for a lively exchange.

The meeting will start on the 13th of June at 11 am and end on the 14th at 3 pm. Venue will be the “Futurium” (Alexanderufer 2, 10117 Berlin), which is located next to the Berlin Central Railway Station and is BImA’s recently completed new construction in the center of Berlin.

Please confirm your participation until April 27th by sending your registration to these emails.


Strategy Working Table - digital maturity

March 8th-9th 2018 the Strategy Working Table took place in Helsinki and seven members of PuRE-net participated. The theme was digitalization and how the organizations adapt to the new technologies.

Prior the Strategy Working Table a survey has been sent out to all the members of PuRE-net and it explored the level of digitalization in each organization. Professor Seppo Junnila and his research team from Aalto University were in charge of the analysis.

Strategy 2018

During the two days there were presentations by the research team, group discussions and workshops. The first day focused on the results of the survey and the participants discussed digital strategies, back office assets, smart buildings and digital customer service.

The second day focused on how the PuRE-net members can create value by the new technologies. The discussion was based on a platform theory that combines data suppliers and data consumers and the participants talked about the opportunities for data distribution.

There were a lot of interesting discussions and digitalization might be a topic PuRE-net will explore further in the future.

The final report is available at the website under a login and the Strategy Working Table will be presented at the annual conference in Prague, 9-12 September 2018. For further information, please contact Peter Torp or Katrine Marie Bork Davidsen from the Danish Building and Property Agency.