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Mission & Objectives

The mission statement of PuRE-net is to promote, develop and represent a European public real estate reference framework, intended to help its members build interpersonal relationships and work together for a highly effective and responsible use of public real estate assets.

Throughout its activities and projects, PuRE-net performs and assumes a range of functions corresponding to its role and objectives as an international network leader creating at the same time rewarding opportunities for employees, pleasant working sites and better cities to live in and enjoy.


In terms of objectives, PuRE-net aims to:

- increase its effectiveness locally

- accelerate its expansion worldwide in order to increase the exchange of ideas

- create a strong network for communications, interaction and information exchange

- retain its culture of sharing and learning from one another

- coordinate its many activities through a strategic, integrated, mission driven, Work Program

- continue its commitment and emphasis on being inclusive and diverse.


Mainly trying to serve as a reference framework and an open platform, five main functions have been defined:

1 / A laboratory of ideas

The origins and consequences of the profound changes taking place today must be fully understood along with the place occupied by education, technique, culture and communication. PuRE-net could play a key role in anticipating and defining as a kind of “laboratory of ideas”, the most important emerging issues in its spheres of competence and identifying appropriate solutions to deal with them.

2 / A clearing house

PuRE-net has a role in gathering, transferring, disseminating and sharing available information, knowledge and best practices in its fields of competence, identifying innovative solutions and testing them through pilot projects when necessary. The network should serve a double purpose: research and exchange of analysis results. International experts formulate new and common approaches concerning the major issues faced by public real estate mangers and workforce, mobilizing talents and resources to attain common objectives.

3 / A standard-setter

PuRE-net, quite apart from cultural differences and traditions, supports the effort to identify a common reference framework, serving as a central forum for coordinating a number of ethical, normative and technical issues of our time, fostering multidisciplinary exchange and mutual understanding, defining benchmarks and mobilizing international opinion. PuRE-net also helps to establish or revise the instrument, works towards its adoption or revision, and, occasionally, assists Member States in putting it into practice.

4 / A capacity-builder in Member States

PuRE-net organizes international cooperation for serving its stakeholders in building human and organisation capacities in its fields of competence renovating public real estate management

5 / A catalyst for international cooperation

PuRE-net, as a technical multidisciplinary network, intends to assume a catalytic role for development cooperation on key issues related to Public Real Estate management, for the convergence of work which otherwise would be lost. Beyond the stimulation of personal contacts among specialists, or through the reinforcement of education systems, PuRE-net contributes to the dissemination of knowledge by serving as a centre for the collection and distribution of specialized information, using written documentation and, to an increasing extent, electronic tools.

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