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About PuRE-net

PuRE-net (The Public Real Estate Network) is a European organisation gathering national real estate agencies and ministries responsible for public real estate across Europe. The network is a chance for executives and specialists to network and exchange knowledge and experience with the management of public real estate and construction. It is our ambition as network to gather the public real estate agencies in all European countries. Therefore, PuRE-net is interested to include agencies and ministries responsible for public real estate across Europe not (yet) member of the network. For an overview of the current members of PuRE-net, please click here.

The purpose of the association is to provide a frame of reference for its members and to promote and develop the good and responsible administration and use of states’ public real estates. PuRE-net aims to provide the European public real estate community with effective and continuous leadership in matters of common interest. PuRE-net will encourage discussions regarding issues impacting public real estate management both within and outside the network.

The network focuses on thematic working tables and collection of data and knowledge on themes related to public real estate management. Working Tables are appointed by the annual general meeting; hosted and organised by the different members. Through its activities, PuRE-net represents a think tank developing new ideas and providing space for exchanging common challenges and solutions.

PuRE-net was founded as network in 2007 and formally established as a legal entity in January 2011 in Prague. The highest governing body is the annual meeting, which decides on the work programme and elects the Steering Committee.

The network and its activities are supported by a Secretariat elected by the board of directors.

To contact the Secretariat, please click here. The website administrator can be contacted by this email.

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