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A former member returns

We are delighted that Italy is re-joining PuRE-net! (And that they were able to participate in the Annual Conference with two delegates.) Please contact Piero or Cinthia if you have further questions: &

Agenzia del demanio – Public Property Agency The Public Property Agency, established by Legislative Decree No. 300/1999 and transformed into a Public Economic Entity (EPE) by Legislative Decree No. 173/2003, is a legal entity of public law. While operating within the context of Public Administration, it is equipped with organizational methods and operational tools of a private nature to achieve its objectives. The Agency is entrusted with the management of the state's real estate assets, with the responsibility of administering a portfolio of approximately 43 thousand properties valued at 62 billion euros.

The Agency is structured with a General Directorate, based in Rome, and 17 Territorial Directorates. It employs around 1250 people throughout the national territory (data updated to December 2022).

• 43 thousand properties managed

• 62,5 billion euros

• 50 million euros in direct management revenue

• 3,4 billion euros in active investments

• 17 territorial directorates

• 8 central directorates

• an average employee age of 45

• a total of 1,251 employees

Our mission is to manage the state's heritage, creating value for the community and generating positive impacts on the country's economy. In particular:

• we oversee the logistical needs of State Administrations (Rationalization of spaces used by central public administrations to reduce passive lease costs) - Article 2, paragraphs 222 et seq. of Law No. 191/2009 (Financial Law 2010).

• we plan and carry out construction interventions on the state real estate portfolio or properties in use by State Administrations (Single Maintenance Manager) - D.L. No. 98/2011.

• we enhance the real estate assets of the State and the Territorial and non-Territorial Public Entities, also through the use of companies, consortia, and/or real estate investment funds - D.L. No. 351/2001, Presidential Decree No. 296/2005, D.L. No. 98/2011, D.L. No. 83/2014.

• we coordinate infrastructure development projects in the country, with impacts in the areas of environmental remediation, reclamation, public housing, seismic risk prevention, urban redevelopment, and peripheral security, as well as the digitization of State Administrations - Article 1, paragraph 140, Law No. 232/2016. , PuRE-net Newsletter – September 2023 12

Design-Build Department

Established at the Public Property Agency, it is divided into a central directorate and territorial operational hubs. Its purpose is to ensure design, engineering and architecture services to central government and territorial bodies in order to promote the development, efficiency and quality of design, as well as the realization of public investments within certain timeframes - Art. 1, paragraphs 162 to 170, of Law No. 145/2018 and D.P.C.M. of 29/07/2021

Public Property Regeneration Hub

Public Property Regeneration Hub is born to create an ecosystem for the innovation of processes, products, and functions related to public real estate. It designs and coordinates a network of open innovation with national and international actors - public and private institutions, universities, networks, and innovation hubs - for the research and development of initiatives that connect public assets, the city, and its inhabitants. In line with the principles and strategic objectives defined by the Director of the Agency, the Services to Heritage Directorate, the Digital Transformation Directorate, and the Design Structure identify solutions for the realization of high-quality works through smart and highly technical design, digital management of maintenance processes, and the circularity of the life cycle of the regenerated property, promoting reuse and innovative restoration of the asset if protected, resilience - mitigation and adaptation - to seismic and climate change risks, and territorial regeneration.


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