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Do you enjoy our new website?

Our new website has been up and running for a few months, and we hope that you so far have enjoyed it's features.

The website will replace the quarterly PuRE-net newsletter. It serves the same purpose but with the advantage that you will not have to wait for the newsletter in order to receive the news of the network.  


The main focus has been a website with improved and flexible functionalities in terms of knowledge sharing. The new site should enable the PuRE-net members to engage more actively through the website and its forum discussions.

Only PuRE-members will be approved for access to the "Members Section". See attached note below for instructions.


In this section, news of the network will be posted. There is both a public news site and one solely for PuRE-net members. The news can be both regarding upcoming events but also invitations to join surveys, conferences and the like.

Please contact the Secretariat if you have any news you wish to share current news with your PuRE-net colleagues.



In this section, upcoming events will be announced. It will be both in-person events as well as online events.


Forum in Members Section

This section should be used for posing general questions and for sharing information with the network in general.


Working Table groups in Members Section

This section includes all materials from the Working Tables. You can join the specific Working Tables that you are interested in.


Never miss news! Attached below is an instruction on how to set up notifications, so you receive a notification when new items are added to the website.

Feel free to add a comment to this post :)

Set up email notifications for website
Download PDF • 466KB

Sign-up instruction for the PuRE-net website
Download PDF • 427KB


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