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PuRE-net exchange: YoungRVB visits Statsbygg

In the first week of June, RVB colleagues visited Norway for their annual study trip. Impressions from both the guests and the host, our Norwegian member Statsbygg. These impressions were published internally in both organisations.

“ Last week we had a visit from our Dutch sister organization Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (RVB). The program included everything from the National Theater to the Government Quarter and Halden Prison. The delegation consisted of 28 committed participants with an interdisciplinary background, and all were part of Young RVB (employees under the age of 36). It was an exciting and educational experience!

The program was rich and varied. On Monday, they received a thorough introduction to our business from the director of property development and management, Elin Karfjell. This was followed by presentations of the National Theater project (Vibeke Norum), Statsbyggs climate and environmental work (Cornelia Solheim and Lars Petter Bingh), Challenges and learning points from Statsbyggs prison portfolio (Stein Erik Laeskogen) and the Norwegian new government quarters project (Thao Hang Vo and Hedvig Hasund). The Dutch visiting group also gave a couple of presentations, including a general introduction, the placement of RVB in the political landscape and the arrangement with state architects. The exchange of knowledge ended with a quick tour of Statsbyggs head office and a city walk past some of the buildings and projects in Statsbyggs portfolio. Kaia Grahm-Haga and Malin Janzon was responsible for receiving the group.

On Tuesday, we took the delegation to Halden prison. Here we got an inspiring presentation of Norwegian model for prison architecture and the thinking of the Correctional Service. Prison manager Helge Valseth shared his experiences with the differences between the prison standard M2015 and Halden prison.

The presentation was followed by a guided tour where we got to see the activity building for work and education. We also visit the other facilities of the prison, such as the grocery store, library, faith room, training facilities and outdoor areas in addition to the residential accommodation.

We got a good insight into how the prison worked through the prison officers who showed us around, and we got a lot of input to take forward when building and rehabilitating prisons.” , PuRE-net Newsletter – September 2023 8 “What can the RVB learn from the most democratic country in the world? With that question in mind, 28 YoungRVB members (a diverse and motivated group of colleagues working at various parts of the RVB) traveled by boat to Norway at the beginning of June.

The journey started in the Netherlands at Paleis Het Loo, a complex formerly managed by RVB, which opened its doors as a museum a month and a half ago. After this visit the crossing to Kristiansand followed.

Once we arrived in Oslo, a working visit to Statsbygg was on the program. We exchanged experiences on current challenges: the management and improvement of outdated (real estate) portfolios, how to build and renovate for the (very) long term and ways to make sustainability measures tangible and measurable. We also had the unique opportunity to visit the high-security facility in Halden together with colleagues from Statsbygg. Here we were shown around and talked to Kriminalomsorgsdirektoratet (Norwegian DJI) about the Norwegian view on detention (real estate).

As organizers, we look back with pride on an inspiring week, in which we gained a broad and unique insight into the work of our Norwegian colleagues.”

[Source: LinkedIn post by Merel Cornelissen, edited by Sook de Jonge]


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